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Complete Guide of CapCut Creative Suite: Discover Pros and Cons

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Ever found yourself lost in the intricate web of video editing, feeling the burn of a creative flame that’s stifled by overly complex software?

CapCut Creative Suite stands out as a beacon for creators, marrying simplicity with a rich set of features, enabling stories to flow from imagination to screen with unparalleled ease.

Today, we delve into how this software not only democratizes professional-quality video editing but also becomes a reliable companion for storytellers in every creative expedition they undertake.

It comes with a mindblowing online image editor, online video editor, free commercial/personal templates, team collaboration, backup space, etc. 

Just like every other tool, it also comes with its pros and cons which you will learn in the next section.

So, let’s begin!

Advantages of CapCut Creative Suite

In simple words, the Creative Suite is an all-in-one platform to turn your dull images into lively and sparking ones. With this incredible and impressively amazing platform, you can enjoy the following perks/advantages.  

Simplified Workflow with AI

On top of everything, it simplifies the workflow with its latest and most impressive AI-based algorithms.

The addition of AI technology to this editor makes everything faster and effort-free. You don’t need to go through several steps to perform a single task here. Instead, you just need to give one single command to make a particular change and this editor will do it for you. 

Transform Ordinary Videos into Masterpieces

Instead of allowing you to simply crop, edit, or resize your videos, it brings more impressive features. For example, it allows you to add subtitles to your videos with high-end customizations. You can choose the font style, size, color, and effects to make it look more catchy.

Similarly, there are audio customization options to finetune your video’s audio with noise noise reduction.

You can also play with background changes, edit multiple tracks, add music effects, and generate auto-captions.

You can also try using the text to speech free conversion feature to add impressive audio to your videos. Whatever you need to do with your video, this one-stop shop comes with everything for free. 

Craft Aesthetically Appealing Photos

To turn lifeless images into the most interactive and aesthetically appealing photos, this Creative Suite is the best pick.

Its online image editor comes with all the premium features to transform your images into interactive masterpieces.

Besides basic level photo editing, you can also remove/change backgrounds, optimize photo colors, insert text effects, frames, shapes, etc.

There is also a great variety of filters and stickers to further enhance the visuals of your photos. On top of everything, all of these editing features are free of cost for all users. 

Variety of Free Templates

Almost all good and popular editors charge a fee for using their commercial and personal templates.

Paying a fee for such places always adds an extra burden on the people. Therefore, this Creative Suite beats them all by offering all types of commercial and personal templates for free. 

CapCut Creative Suite

Effective Team Collaboration

Very few editors come up with features such as team collaboration. Even if they offer, there is always a fee to access this premium feature to reconnect with your team.

On the contrary, this editor doesn’t charge any fee for this feature. Instead, it offers team collaboration for free with several further perks. For example, you are free to invite as many members as you want and free to share your files with them.

Cloud Backup to Store Your Materials

Another benefit of using this is the cloud backup that you use to store your files online. Instead of worrying about managing the space on your device to save your files, you can use this online cloud.

Moreover, it also benefits you to keep your files safe, intact, and protected for longer. In contrast, you may lose your data if your device is lost or breaks due to any hardware issues. 

No Cost Involved

Another advantage of using this Suite is that it doesn’t burden or tense you about payments or fees.

In contrast, other editors keep sending you payment deadline notices through emails or account notifications. All such notifications always make the users panic and create a poor impact on the user’s mind.

However, you won’t face any such issues with this Creative Suite. Neither does it ask for any payments nor does it send you any payment invoices, reminders, or expiration/deadlines approaching soon. 

Watermark Free Downloads

Finally, all of its downloads are free from any company name, label, logo, or watermark. It doesn’t offer all free tools to imprint its watermark on them later on.

No, these features are free to create a more delightful experience for the user without expecting anything in return. 

Disadvantages of CapCut Creative Suite

All of the advantages of this impressive Creative Suite are mindblowing and make it a must-use editor for all. However, it’s always good to evaluate the negative side of any tool before you start using it. So, here are some of the most obvious but minor disadvantages of using this tool. 

Requires Internet Connection

The first disadvantage of this creative suite is that you can’t take benefit of it without an internet connection.

Yes, having a good internet connection is a must for using this editor to generate speedy transformations. 

Requires Account Creation

The second disadvantage of using this Suite is that it requires you to create your account. Without creating your account, you won’t be able to benefit from all of its features.

For example, how can you go through team collaboration and cloud backup without having a profile on it?

Keep in mind that account creation here won’t take up more than a minute and it’s free of cost. So, this is not a problematic thing for you if you want to enjoy its amazing perks. 

How to Use This Online Creative Suite?

After knowing its potential advantages and disadvantages, let’s also have a quick look at how to use it. 

Step 1: Signup

Go to Google and type CapCut Creative Suite. You will see its link in the top search results. Click on it, navigate to this Suite, and hit “Signup for Free”. Create your account, sign in, and move to your editing space. 

Step 2: Upload

Now, upload your desired photo or video to the editor. Use the given options to upload it or drag and drop it here. You may also choose any photo or video from the given samples which are free to use. 

Step 3: Edit

Here, try using different features and tools on this editor to draft the final look that you want. Optimize colors, add effects, insert text customizations, remove or add background, add frames and shapes, etc.

For videos, insert transitions among scenes and generate auto-captions. In short, there are tons of tools to use on your photos and videos with just one click. Keep experimenting with them until you are satisfied with the final look.  

Step 4: Export

Now, navigate to export and click “Download” to save this final look to your device. Transform more videos and photos using the same steps. 


The advantages of using a Creative Suite for editing photos and videos are greater than its disadvantages.

It comes with only two cons which are not even worth considering. However, its impressive advantages don’t only allow you to create artistic masterpieces but also enjoy using this editor. 

So, hurry up and give this most incredible Suite a try now!

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